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Oscars Best Moment

This is probably the best moment in Oscars history.
What is your favourite moment? 

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Free Download: Dirty Glitter, Throes (2010)

Forget about power trios!
Throes is a breathtaking rock duo hailing from Portugal that is coming back to demolish the stages. Actually they never broke up but they have been, for the last couple of years, busy with another project in which they unite forces with the kuduro duo The Shine, Throes+The Shine.
If you like heavy guitars and intricate drum beats then this is for you. Enjoy!

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Papa's In The Pen, James Apollo

I really like this kind of surprises!
A couple of days ago a message from James Apollo dropped in the mailbox with his rendition of Garth Brooks’ Papa’s In The Pen.
James Apollo explains how it happened:
A couple weeks ago the boys and I headed up to an old ski lodge in the Cascade mountains. With the aid of some car batteries and a ripe hell of fallen logs, we recorded a few numbers, such as this bastardized Garth Brooks murder ballad, “Papa’s in the Pen.” Enjoy.
Thanks, James, for contacting us.

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Chill Out (Playlist)

Just to let you know I have just posted a downtempo, electronic based playlist which you can find on the right side, right below facebook and google+ gadgets.
Hope you like it.

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Colorado Springs, Jardín De La Croix

The Spanish band Jardín De La Croix revealed the artwork of their upcoming album, 187 Steps To Cross The Universe, which pays tribute to Nicola Tesla. They also revealed the track list  as well as the track Colorado Springs.
You can preorder the album by following this link.

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New Video: Lost Songs, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead released Lost Songs' new video from the 2012 homonymous album.

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Retrograde, James Blake (new video)

James Blake has released a new track and a new video. Retrograde to be watched below.

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Heavy Feet, Local Natives (music video)

Local Natives’ Hummingbird is one of the first 2013 releases and its second track, Heavy Feet, features a brand new video.

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Free Download: Time To Go, The Glockenwise

If you are into bands like Black Lips then you should listen to these guys. The Glockenwise’s sophomore album is due to be released in May.

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Free Download: Giant Tortoise, Pond

As I am writing this I am listening to Pond’s Giant Tortoise which will be part of their fifth album, Hobo Rocket.
If you would like to join me and listen to this pretty tight rock and roll track just follow the link and add your email.


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